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About Weenat

Weenat allows the farmers to optimize their resources, by bringing them localized information in the plot to support their decisions. Weenat help farmers to:

  • Prevent health and climate risks
  • Assist in water resource management
  • Make adjustments from sowing to harvesting

Partnerships developed for two years with the farmers allow Weenat to propose the most adapted tools to the current agricultural problems, and to develop those of tomorrow.

As sons and grandsons of farmers or obsessed with innovations, but above all, concerned by our common future and the environment, the creation of Weenat reflects our profound desire to link our values, such as ecology, sharing, and solidarity, to the environment through cutting-edge technology

Weenat offers a new agronomic approach by providing farmers with adapted, affordable, and most of all easy-to-use solutions. With our innovations, we help them manage their resources by optimizing their time, supporting them in their decision-making and consequently make their everyday lives easier.

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